Team building & incentives

Options galore, but how to really make a difference? Panama Events organises your team building or incentive event to perfection and fine tunes it to your company's values.

Well oiled and motivated teams are worth their weight in gold. Team building options galore, but a number of crucial elements really make a difference: an out-of-the-box implementation, a strong element of surprise and the employee at the centre. Panama Events unites these into a unique concept, finely tuned to your company's values. Balanced recipe. The ingredients of a Panama Events team building activity are fixed, but the recipe is always unique. Your goal after all is paramount: aiming for a stronger team spirit? Want to bring various departments closer together? Organise a reward event for achieving a target? Or simply socialise in an informal setting? Panama Events helps you with the appropriate content and an extraordinary location - at home or abroad.

House of Talents Teambuilding

"'Always creative, flexible, inventive and reliable!'"

soap box race unites talents of Q8

Q8 was looking for a way to facilitate people from different departments working together, while at the same time utilising their individual qualities. Panama Events provided a nice balance of creativity, skills, cooperation and a healthy dose of rivalry.

Additional Information

As a team to the finish. A wooded area close to Breda was the setting for a soap box race. Most important was the run-up: each team needed a range of qualities and characteristics - i.e. different types of colleagues - to build a car. Materials could be earned by completing tasks. At the end of the day, the combination of inventiveness, courage, dexterity and organisational skills resulted in magnificent soap box cars. During the race, the competitive spirit was put firmly to the test.

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