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Building upon two decades of experience in Sales, Recruitment and Training, we are true experts when it comes to Sales Outsourcing. We create and maintain dedicated and multi-branded Sales Teams across all channels: retail, out-of-home, hospitality, DIY, night-shops and more.


Does your business have a Sales-challenge for us? Let’s brainstorm and work together to find the right solution!

Panama provides strong sales professionals with experience. Dedicated or multi-branded, for short term projects or long-standing ones: the possibilities are endless.

Need a temporary sales push during the holiday season? Or does your brand require some extra sales feet on the street during busier times? Perhaps you need a temporary sales team for a new product launch? Panama offers flexible solutions for sales based on your targets and challenges!

Our talented sales professionals are specialized in all kinds of channels: from retail to out-of-home and from hospitality to night shops, and DIY. Through which channel will your brand grow next?

From development and installation of POS-material and from rack jobbing to a complete remodeling: Panama supports you and your business in all merchandising activities.

The right brand visibility makes for an enormous and meaningful difference in sales results. Our in-house Graphic Design Team and Sales Professionals put your business in the spotlight, along with the necessary marketing materials. Are you ready to conquer your spotlight?

Whether the purpose is checking up on shop owners during a volume-push or managing the brand’s loyalty program, Panama gets it done. We are properly equipped and have the right experience to audit all internal (sales) data. Our Panamese crew is ready to go below the radar and give you in-depth feedback with extensive data and insights.

Whether you would like to launch a new business or want to transfer an existing brand in a new channel, Panama takes on the role as the all-round sales consultant. We help you target the right audience, with the right tools and in the right channel.

The search for strong and gifted sales personnel is time-consuming and sometimes quite difficult. Panama recruits on your behalf, to find the talent you need. From temporary workforces to permanent colleagues or even top-professionals, Panama connects you with the right people.

Sales Support Kellogg’s

Sales outsourcing - Recruitment Salespeople

Mowi Salmon

Sales outsourcing - Product Launches

Friesland Campina Cécémel Specials

Sales outsourcing - Product Launches

Compliance Audit De Lijn

Sales outsourcing - Audit and Mystery Shopping

Liefmans Summer Drive

Sales outsourcing - In-store visibility and trade marketing

Orange Totems

Sales outsourcing - In-store visibility and trade marketing

Ekaterra Pure Leaf Display

Sales outsourcing - In-store visibility and trade marketing

Akkanto Tobacco Players

Sales outsourcing - Merchandising

JTI Tobacco Newspaper Stores

Sales outsourcing - Merchandising

Follow-up JTI tobacco

Sales outsourcing - Merchandising

Niko Visibility

Sales outsourcing - Merchandising

JTI Tobacco Clean-Up

Sales outsourcing - Merchandising

Suntory Sales Team

Sales outsourcing - Channel Specialist

Duvel High Season Sales Push

Sales outsourcing - Flexible Sales Solutions

STG Team Tobacco

Sales outsourcing - Outsourcing Sales Professionals

Friesland Campina & Mondelez

Outsourcing Sales Professionals - Sales outsourcing

Gimber Holidays Sales Push

Sales outsourcing - Flexible Sales Solutions

Unilever Out-of-home Sales Team

Sales outsourcing - Outsourcing Sales Professionals

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