Cookie Policy


1. What parties are there?

Panama’ includes the company Panama BVBA. Panama is registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce under BE 0461.175.711 and legally established at Kapelanielaan 8, 9140 Temse.

‘User’ or ‘you’ means any natural or legal person who uses the Panama website and the services offered on it. Regardless of whether this is in a contractual relationship or not.


2. What are cookies?

Panama collects data when you visit a Panama website or you click through on an e-mail. This is done through cookies. The cookies we use are secure.
Cookies are small data or text files placed on your local computer by websites. Such cookies can have different purposes:

  • Functional or technical cookies: these are cookies that allow Panama to remember choices and preferences (such as language selection) of visitors in order to increase the usability of the website and to provide more relevant information to visitors. They allow you to browse the website faster and more efficiently.
  • Session cookies or temporary cookies.
  • Tracking cookies: these are cookies that will follow and track your behavior on the website in order to provide you with a more optimal user experience. Panama’s website also uses a cookie from the American company Google, as part of its Analytics service. Panama uses this service to obtain reports on how visitors use the website. This information is anonymized as much as possible. Your IP address is explicitly not provided. Panama uses Hotjar cookies. This identifies you as a unique visitor and ensures that you see the right content. Hotjar does not store IP addresses. We use this service to track and get reports on how visitors use the website. The cookies delete themselves automatically after 365 days.
    In addition, our website is also secured with an SSL certificate. This way, among other things, the website is better protected against hackers who want to intercept sensitive data.


3. Usefulness of cookies?

Cookies help Panama to optimize the visit on its website, remembering technical choices (for example, a choice of language, newsletter,…). The cookies used by Panama are safe and, among other things, help to identify possible errors. Those who wish to consult Panama’s website are advised to accept the use of cookies. If cookies are not allowed, Panama cannot guarantee a qualitative and efficient use of its website. However, the user is free not to accept it. You can disable the use of cookies through the setting of your Internet browser. More information below:


Microsoft Edge 38
– Open Microsoft Edge
– Click on the menu button (three dots), at the top right of the window
– Go to “Settings,” then click “Clear browsing data”
– Select the “Cookies” check box, then click “Delete”


Internet Explorer 11
– Open Internet Explorer
– Click the settings button (cogwheel), at the top right of the window
– Go to “Security” and then click “Delete browsing history”
– Select the “Cookies” checkbox and then click “Delete”


Google Chrome
– Open Google Chrome
– Click the menu button (three dots), at the top right of the window
– Go to “Settings,” then click “Show advanced settings”
– Under “Privacy,” click the “Clear browsing data” button
– Select the “Cookies” check box and then click “Clear browsing data”


Mozilla Firefox 47
– Open Mozilla Firefox
– Click the menu button at the top right of the window and go to “options”
– Go to the “Privacy” tab
– Under “History” select “Delete individual cookies”
– To delete one cookie, click the item in the list and then click the “Delete selected” button
– To delete all cookies, click the “Delete all” button
– Via “delete your recent history” you can delete your browsing history


Safari 10 (MacOS X)
– Choose “Preferences” from the Safari menu
– Click on “Privacy
– Under “Cookies and website data,” click the “Manage website data…” button.
– Select the cookies to be deleted from the list and click “Delete”
– Delete all cookies by clicking “Delete all”


If you have any questions about the cookie policy, you can always email us at

The Panama Team