Sales outsourcing – Merchandising


From the development and installation of point of sale (POS) material to the expertise of a rack jobber, and from comprehensive rack jobbing services to complete remodeling, Panama supports you and your business in all your merchandising activities. We understand that effective merchandising is crucial for brand visibility and sales growth, and we have the tools and expertise to assist you in every aspect of your merchandising strategy.


Our services encompass the entire spectrum of merchandising, ensuring that your brand’s presence is not only established but also optimized for success. Whether you require the design and deployment of eye-catching point of sale material or the efficient management of rack jobbing operations, our experienced team is dedicated to helping your brand thrive in the competitive market. With Panama as your partner, you can expect comprehensive support in all your merchandising endeavors, from start to finish. Contact Panama today!

Tobacco Players for Akkanto

Sales outsourcing - Merchandising

Niko visibility

Sales outsourcing - Merchandising - Merchandising

JTI Newspaper Stores and Petrol Stations

Sales outsourcing - Merchandising - Merchandising

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