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Employee Events

Looking to foster stronger connections between your employees and your business? Look no further. Panama Events specializes in crafting employee events that bridge the gap, bringing your team and brand closer together in remarkable ways.


From concept to execution, Panama Events takes the lead in planning your employee event, with a strategic focus on shared goals and values. We understand that a cohesive and engaged workforce is essential for your business’s success.


Our approach ensures that your brand and staff unite in truly extraordinary ways. Through carefully designed experiences and activities, we create a memorable bond that goes beyond the workplace. Whether it’s team-building exercises, workshops, or celebratory gatherings, Panama Events customizes each event to reflect your unique company culture and objectives.


With Panama Events at your side, you’ll witness a transformation in the dynamics within your organization. Your employees will not only work together more effectively but also forge connections that extend beyond the office, resulting in a more loyal and motivated team.


Let us be the catalyst for building a stronger, more cohesive, and engaged workforce. Panama Events is dedicated to creating unforgettable memories between your brand and staff, ensuring lasting success for your business.

Q8 Family Day at The Efteling

Events - Employee Events

Elec-Lightin'Art 30th Birthday

Events - Employee Events - Customer Events

Ariad 10 Year Anniversary Event

Events - Employee Events

House of Talents HOT & WILD Fest

Events - Employee Events

DHL Family Day

Events - Employee Events

Q8 Fire & Ice

Events - Employee Events

Wit-Gele Kruis

Events - Employee Events

P&V – Vivium staff Kick-off Event

Events - Employee Events

Elmos staff party

Events - Employee Events

Duracell 50th anniversary

Events - Employee Events

Adecco Kick-Off Event

Events - Employee Events

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