Employee events

Want to bring your employees and business goals closer together? Panama Events organises your employee event with a focus on your mission, vision and values.

Every company strives for concerned and committed employees. With an employee event focused on your mission, vision and values, you bring your personnel and your business goals closer together. And you place the spotlight on the crucial value of your people. Promoting ambassadorship. Your personnel have a major impact on your company image. Employees who take an active role as ambassador contribute to a stronger brand experience and stimulate the inflow of new talent. You can encourage this ambassadorship in various ways: putting people in the spotlight, a nice end-of-year party, an open house for families, a nice evening out …

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"Perfect down to the last detail"

P&V Group puts focus on team spirit

P&V Group wanted to involve its 1,500 employees in the company's future plans. Panama Events injected a presentation by the CEO with a dose of team spirit and organised a phenomenal party for afterwards.

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Speech with the right tone The ambitions and future steps of P&V Group: important information for each employee. In addition, the presentation made clear that each P&V employee contributes to this future. With the concept of a brass band - marching forward together with the employees - the CEO struck the right tone with his audience. The ideas of solidarity and togetherness were also further developed afterwards: the second part of the event consisted of a party with food, drinks and a top DJ.

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