Pedaling to Victory: Our Event Partnership with the Tour of Flanders

How Panama manages The Ronde Van Vlaanderen: a great and complex challenge!

The Tour of Panama


Since 2013, Panama has been a trusted partner of the Belgian cycling classic “The Tour of Flanders”. A collaboration that holds a very special place in the heart of our company, as the Tour of Flanders is a true national treasure! The Tour of Flanders organization can rely completely on Panama’s expertise in Event Planning, Event Logistics, and Brand Activations. Hop on our bike and let’s cycle away!

Events and Brand Logistics

With a big Event comes a great deal of planning. It’s an enormous challenge to take on, but with Panama on your side, you always have the advantage. Our trained Panamese sailors are responsible for everything related to the VIP organization of the Event: from VIP parking spaces to the planning and organization of the shuttle busses. Panama’s main focus is the private VIP tents, strategically placed alongside the track: the installation, design and decoration is done solely by experienced Panamese hands. These VIP installations are at well-known local spots: the Oude Kwaremont, the Paterberg and of course at the finish line in the town of Oudenaarde.
With a great concept comes the need for an even greater staff that adds to the experience. Panama provides each VIP tent and shuttle bus with the crew it needs: from welcoming guests to escorting and hosting, the brand ambassadors that Panama recruits are always extensively trained and up for the job!

Panama comes in and takes on the role of the ever-supportive partner and, as you may notice, this is a diverse and extensive package of tasks to handle!

03-04-2022 panama de ronde van vlaanden vip-0370

Brand activations

The Tour of Flanders works with many partners, which is typical of large organizations and events. As one of the Tour of Flanders’ most trusted allies, Panama makes a point of cooperating with their other partners. Panama provides the space and operates as a conduit to create seamless cooperation between all parties!

Supermarket chain Lidl is one of the Tour of Flanders’ partners, and a great example of this type of collaboration between Panama and other allies. Panama worked its magic and designed a creative Brand Activation that successfully highlights both parties – both Lidl Wines and the Tour of Flanders itself. Talk about a win-win situation!

Lidl Wall of Wine


Lidl challenged Panama to bring awareness to their brand and the superiority of their wine selection. By designing and constructing a Wall of Wine, VIP visitors were invited to smell different ingredients and match them to a wide variety of wines – a fun and engaging way to have customers interact with the brand!


When working with other partners, Panama goes all in. Panama links and reinforces, and by connecting different partners, an Event or Brand Activation rises to a higher level. In short, everyone comes out on top!


For Panama, devising a successful Brand Activation is not just a matter of having a fun or creative idea. It’s about navigating a brand towards its target audience and potential clients. But even more so, it’s about making genuine connections: a connection between the brand and their partners, and between the brand and their customers.


Panama values The Tour of Flanders as one of their most loyal and long-standing clients. The Tour of Flanders has given our Panamese crew multiple opportunities that have allowed us to learn and grow. A great partnership of which we are very proud!



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