Orange Is the New (Panama-)Blue: Our Brand Activations, Brand Logistics and Events Collaboration

Treating Orange on the Full Creative Panama-package!

Panama-blue turns Panama-Orange


For several years, Panama has been a trusted partner of Orange – one of the largest telecom companies on the Belgian market. Panama supports Orange in various fields and accompanies them on their journey. As the foundation of this fantastic and close collaboration is built upon flexibility, trust, and open communication, a lot of the best ideas come from mutual brainstorming and real teamwork with Orange.

Brand activations

Orange shops often play into recurring themes, events, or holidays throughout the year – Back to School, Easter, Valentine’s Day, the list goes on. In these cases, Panama provides the shops with a corresponding promotion or Brand Activation. The staffing is handled by Panama as well!

Staffing and events

For both internal and external Events, Panama provides staffing, such as brand ambassadors who welcome guests. What kind of Events, you may wonder? Let us float through a few examples we are very proud of.


External events


For long-time and loyal customers, Orange organizes the “Orange Thanks You” program. Through small Events and/or Brand Activations, Orange takes the time to pamper their customers: concert tickets, virtual reality Events, movie tickets, and more! For each of these Events, the total package is managed by our Panamese hands: from planning to the detailed organization. Happy customers, happy Orange and therefore, happy us!


Internal Events


Panama has an eye for Events and Event planning. For company affairs and Events, we provide complete, full-circle support. Internal or B2B, Panama knows what must be done and hires the necessary staff: hosts and hostesses who welcome guests at the venue.

Brand logistics and brand activations

When a company or brand wants to improve their visibility – in any way possible – Panama has what it takes to finish the job! When Orange is planning a Brand Activation or promotion, Panama makes sure to provide the necessary corresponding support in Logistics and material.


Orange ‘End of Year’ Activation


Each year, Orange recruits Panama to bring all of its strengths and pillars together in the end-of-year campaign.
Around 200 Belgian stores are decorated with Christmas decorations as an overall theme, which varies each year and with each edition. The POS material is always provided by Panama, and multiple Brand Activations are installed in-store by our Panamese sailors.
We’ve selected a few of our favorite examples from the past years.


When a company or brand wants to improve their visibility, Panama has what it takes to finish the job!

Orange Candy Cane 2020


During COVID, Panama and Orange worked together with Duo on an exclusive Candy Cane Game, designed to entertain customers during longer waiting times – because of the pandemic, appointments needed to be made prior to visiting a store, and the number of people allowed in the store was limited. The game could be downloaded by scanning a QR code, making an uncomfortable situation during a difficult time more enjoyable – and providing a better experience for customers at Orange. With white Christmas trees and candy cane decorations placed all around the store, the theme was clearly set.

Orange Christmas stars 2021


With the year coming to an end, and the light and warmth the holidays bring, Orange wanted to make stars the main theme of the 2021 editons. Once again, a QR code and corresponding website were designed by Duo.


Whenever a customer made an in-store purchase, they received a postcard– a rather unique postcard as the star-shaped middle could be pushed out. As a perfect ornament, a message was written on the star, and it would be hung on the Christmas tree in the store. An amazing way to engage with Orange’s customers in a creative and heartfelt way.
On the star, a printed code led to a specific landing page where the customer could donate to two charities, Pelicano or Pecheur de Lune – both fighting against child poverty.
In addition, extra prizes could be won on the website.

Orange Generous Calendar 2022


With the main theme being recycling, durability and taking care of one’s belongings, Panama designed and installed multiple Brand Activations in the Orange stores.
For example, workshops where a Panama brand ambassador would clean visitors’ phone screens delicately but thoroughly. Customers were also given a ten-euro discount when buying a new screen protector. What a way to remind people to take care of their belongings!


In three Orange flagship stores, decorative Christmas presents were also placed in the window displays. Each gift was given a number, like a date on an advent calendar.
The results of this end-of-year campaign were astonishing: 120 reusable Christmas trees were placed in fully decorated shops; Panama staffed 90 brand ambassadors to aid customers in-store and about 5,400 phones were cleaned; and 45,000 gifts were given to customers: polishing towels to clean their phones themselves. Talk about a great success!


Panama loves to work with our clients as equals and true partners. Orange gives us the ideas and the space to let our creative minds work and our talents flow. Thanks to the Orange team!



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