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Panama as personal link between Jaguar Land Rover and its customers!

Trading our trusted ship for luxury cars!


As a solid and strong ship, Panama is not used to travelling the roads. Yet, for as long-standing a client as Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the Panamese sailors go the extra mile towards land and set their feet ashore. Since 2011, Panama has provided JLR with Event Planning and Event Logistics on multiple occasions, both for internal and external Events.


Events are an important tool for creating a more personal connection between a brand and their target audience. When one of the JLR brands introduces a new product, Panama organizes and plans the launch Events. From location to décor and invitation, and from staff to food and drinks, everything is taken care of by our top-of-the-line A-team. Our clients have absolutely nothing to worry about, as we make sure to think about everything! Fun and pleasure guaranteed, for everyone involved!


The concept or storyline for each Event starts with our team looking at the new product itself: What are the specifications? What makes this product – or car – new and more innovative? The challenge for Panama lies in creating unique ways to plan the Events, with a different and outside-the-box storyline every time. As we firmly believe that no challenge is too great, Panama has overcome every hurdle and test.


Together, let us explore some of these (external) Events to show you the ways in which Panama pushes the limits.

Launch of the Jaguar I-PACE


For the launch of the first-ever fully electric Jaguar car, only an exclusive and high-end launch Event would suffice. With invitations made specifically for Belgian and Dutch dealers, the Event took place in a TV studio where the guests were seated in large tribunes. In front of them, a huge open stage.
With a futuristic and science-fiction-like atmosphere throughout the entire evening, the angle was clearly set. Even the badges looked futuristic, with a plexiglass finish.


As part of the intriguing storyline of the new car and its reveal, guests enjoyed a unique show. A futuristic figure, shown on a large screen, welcomed them and narrated each chapter of the story as a projection mapping on the floor was growing. The finale was the new electric car driving on stage while following the lines meticulously. Altogether, an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime digital and virtual experience.

Land Rover Defender reinvented


The classic and well-loved Defender has a tough and robust character – a perfect starting point for an Event which would grasp the essence of the model. The location of the Event, a hangar in the Belgian city of Puurs, added a raw and adventurous setting to complement the car and its identity.


As guests arrived in the old industrial hall, they were guided through an exposition of old editions of the Defender – a perfect way to start the tale of the Defender and its history! As they walked into the main hall, visitors were met with a huge wall of shipping containers. Through projections and sliding screens, the story of the iconic Defender was quite literally revealed. When the film and revelations were over, the new Defender was presented. Four men came falling from the sky, dangling on ropes, and attached cables to a container that stood at the center of the stage. The heavy cargo was then slowly lifted, and the new model was uncovered to the delight of the public. A rather spectacular reveal, if we do say so ourselves!

New Range Rover


Who could forget the COVID pandemic that held us captive for months that turned into years? No one, of course. Yet, the world never stopped spinning, and when Range Rover wanted to reveal their newest addition, JLR asked us to find a safe way to do so. No challenge being too great, Panama gladly accepted the task.


After a lot of brainwork, our Panamese geniuses came up with the idea to organize a completely COVID-safe Event. Over the course of two weeks, small groups of guests were invited for lunch and dinner at the Flemish wine domain of Valke Veug or the Walloon wine domain of Château de Bousval. As part of the high-end atmosphere and experience Panama wanted to create, well-known Dutch chef Sergio Herman constructed an exclusive signature dish which was served every day, at every location. The focus of the Event was a purely personal approach, where guests were all hand-picked and personally invited by dealers.


What an amazing way to create a meaningful connection between JLR and their partners!
Even while facing the challenges of COVID, Panama was able to plan and organize a luxurious, high-end – and above all, safe – experience. A perfect learning tool, as it turned out: after the pandemic, smaller Events became the way to go!

Range Rover 2021

Introduction of the Range Rover Sport


For the introduction of the Range Rover Sport, Panama constructed a custom-made pop-up Event location. The Event took place in Brussels, right next to a beautiful castle, where we built a magnificent glass pavilion that functioned as a high-end restaurant. On top of the lake, a Range Rover Sport showroom was built. A breathtaking setting that oozed luxury – a perfect fit for this new car, as we had been challenged to find a way to match modernity with the Range Rover Sport’s identity and heritage.


As the pandemic proved the success of more intimate experiences, this Event was kept smaller too, but with some high-end additions: valets to park guests’ cars, exquisite food, and luxurious decorations to fully set the scene. The guests were invited in smaller groups to keep it more personal. Over the course of three weeks, Panama hosted guests daily for amazing lunches and dinners.


Besides organizing large-scale Events, Panama also plans smaller company Events, for which our team also provides the necessary logistical services.
When it comes to Events, our Panamese crew continues to operate as the leading reference!


The long-time partnership with Jaguar Land Rover is one of Panama’s greater accomplishments. Our Panamese are extremely proud of all the unique concepts and Events that have taken place over the years. Big thanks to the Jaguar Land Rover team. And who knows what the future of cars might bring?!



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