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Maximizing Your Sales Potential? Sales Outsourcing is the Game Changer!

Ready to take your sales to the next level? Sales outsourcing can be the missing puzzle piece to achieve additional growth and boost your sales. Outsourcing certain aspects of your business has long been a strategy to save costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and gain access to specialized skills. In the ongoing battle for talent, hiring the right salespeople with the necessary expertise can be challenging.


That’s where sales outsourcing comes into play: a true game changer for companies looking to increase revenue and expand their customer base!

Cost Savings

Recruiting, training, and maintaining an internal sales team comes with significant costs. With over 20 years of experience in sales, Panama knows how to hire the right profiles. Sales is part of our DNA. We know how to position, promote, and sell a brand. Every sales job is different and requires different types of people and training. At Panama, we always strive for the perfect match between people, product, and channel. Teams can work on a fixed or project basis, allowing companies to control costs and avoid fixed expenses.


Flexibility and Scalability

Depending on market conditions and business needs, an outsourced sales team can be scaled up or down. Sales peaks such as the summer or winter season, holiday season, or back-to-school period can be effectively managed. For example, during the summer peak season, beer brand Duvel relies on Panama’s sailors to give them that extra sales boost. Panama recruits an A-team of salespeople who are not only skilled in their profession but also passionate about the product they represent. New leads are generated, the visibility of Duvel Moortgat brands is increased, and volume activities are implemented to stimulate more sales. Our salespeople are trained to seamlessly adapt to any situation.

Access to Expertise

A successful company must focus on its core competencies, supported by the necessary resources. Choosing to outsource non-core business activities such as sales and logistics provides focus and fewer concerns. Thanks to sales outsourcing, sales is entrusted to a team of experts with extensive experience and knowledge. They bring new ideas and perspectives into the company.


At Panama Sales, we like to see ourselves as consultants. We don’t just provide a team of sales experts. Every sales challenge is different! Based on over 20 years of expertise in a wide variety of channels and brands, we take your strategy to the next level. A great example of this is the long-standing collaboration with Unilever. The Panama Unilever Out-of-Home Sales Team, consisting of 15 motivated salespeople, ensures optimal distribution of Unilever products in various channels such as hospitality, petrol, QSR, and leisure on a daily basis. The team is closely managed by Panama’s National Field Sales Manager in collaboration with the Unilever Sales department.


Faster Market Introduction

Outsourcing a sales team allows for faster market entry of products or services. Sales professionals leverage their expertise and established networks to give companies that extra competitive advantage. They also explore new avenues to the market, increasing brand awareness and further stimulating sales. Panama is a multi-channel specialist. Thanks to our dedicated sales specialists, we can achieve very fast time-to-market and find new solutions for your brand. This is the case with Milcobel, where our sailors test some new products in a new channel. We then provide the right information and advice to make an informed decision about the next strategic steps in the go-to-market process.

Your Game Changer?

Sales outsourcing is a valuable strategy for companies looking to reduce costs, improve sales performance, and focus on their core competencies. By partnering with an experienced sales outsourcing provider like Panama, companies can reap the benefits of a dedicated and knowledgeable sales team without the burden of recruiting and


managing an internal sales team, all combined with professional strategic consultancy. Are you ready to let Panama be your sales game changer?


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