SNCB Riding the Rails of Successfull Brand Activations and Unforgettable Events

Steering the SNCB locomotive through and to Belgium!

This train stops in: Panama!


The national Belgian railway company SNCB not only trusts Panama with Brand Logistics and Brand Activations, but Panama has also become the SNCB’s preferred partner when it comes to Events. With every turn and with every hurdle or challenge, Panama knows how to navigate through.


Over the years, and throughout a rather personal partnership between Panama and the SNCB, the Panamese team has devised numerous internal Events for the organization – from “Sinterklaas” parties to family days, and even important meetings and presentations.

But it’s the larger-scale Events we are most proud of. We’ve swapped our most trusted ship for an exclusive train to transport you into the shared history of Panama and the SNCB. Let’s go!


Virtual internal Events


Because of the COVID pandemic, virtual Events had become the norm. For the SNCB Customer Focus Awards, employees were invited to submit their entries: projects created by employees that deserved to be acknowledged by the company for their effort or resourcefulness. For obvious reasons, the award show was presented virtually for the first time ever. Despite the challenging circumstances, Panama knew how to make the Event happen!

External Events


Besides internal Events, Panama was able to host and organize larger, external Events for the SNCB.



European Year of Rail – Event, Brand Activations and Brand Logistics


For the European Year of Rail, the SNCB wanted to host a grand official celebration. The Panama team came up with a unique and never-seen-before concept: an Event in the shape of a huge and custom-made game. Everyone was able to participate, from daily commuters to tourists.


Participants needed to download an app, which was created specifically for this Event by Duo. The game was based on the popular geocaching trend, with objects hidden virtually throughout Belgian train stations. This made for a fun and engaging way for people to be introduced to the SNCB and its brand identity and history.
In every train station, Panama installed Airstreams: silver vans where hosts and hostesses, provided by Panama, promoted and explained the game to passing travelers and visitors. All the decor, POS material and installations were also provided by Panama.
On top of that, players could win various prizes by answering daily questions, the main prize being concert tickets! Sign us up!


The end results, you might wonder? Almost 6,000 players, who performed around 5,000 QR-code scans and answered roughly 74,800 questions. A great success, both for the SNCB and Panama!

Train world


Train World is a beautiful museum in Brussels about the history of trains. As the national Belgian railway company, the SNCB is a logical and trusted partner of the museum.
Whenever the SNCB is looking for an interesting location for an exhibit, the museum often becomes its first choice. Whenever a new exhibit is revealed, Panama will plan and host exclusive VIP Events with a limited guest list – invitations only!
Our Panamese superstars always make sure to decorate and give the Event the look and feel of the exhibit or theme.

Although the Panamese are sailors to the bone, they love stepping ashore and traveling with SNCB towards common goals! Panama train, leaving from platform 1! Thanks, SNCB, for the great collaboration.



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