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Sales Outsourcing for Signature Foods: A Recipe for Success

Creating the perfect sales push for your brands!

Panama leads the way towards new horizons!

Sales outsourcing

Sometimes, brands need reinforcement for their sales team. For example, when they are growing, expanding, or venturing into markets or channels they have no experience with. Or sometimes they simply need some help in busier times.


Signature Foods has always been successful in retail but wanted to find a suitable partner with the right experience that could introduce them to the hospitality market. Panama turned out to be a quick and logical choice as we know every channel and thanks to our amazing team of specialists. In short, the perfect partner for Signature Foods Sales Outsourcing.

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Panama formed a specialized Signature Foods team, an absolute A-team of dedicated Panamese who would operate, hands-on, to guide and lead the brand to its target group. With the proper training and coaching, our sailors quickly morphed into the sales feet on the street for Signature Foods as they introduced potential customers to the brand.
These brave Panamese superstars continue to create brand awareness for Signature Foods and to make sure all new products are visible to the hospitality customer.


Sometimes all it takes is a little teamwork; that is what Signature Foods taught us. We feel humbled and are grateful for the amazing experience of working with them.



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