Red Bull and Panama: Giving the World Wings, One Brand Activation at a Time

Pushing the limits and crossing boundaries for the perfect Event!

Red Bull gives Panama its wings!


True daredevil Red Bull loves Panama for its boldness and continuing winners’ mentality. Never saying no to – literally – any crazy, outside-the-box idea Red Bull comes up with, Panama has been their trusted partner in the Logistics and Event Planning side of sporting Events and sports-related Brand Activations.

No challenge too great, Panama makes every – yes, every – mad concept happen, always in strong collaboration with local partners.
Hop on board and let us explore some of our amazing, once-in-a-lifetime Red Bull Events.

Soapbox racing

A unique race with so-called “soapboxes” – or self-made race carts. For the first time ever, these types of races were organized by Red Bull and Panama in Belgium. Dozens of mad creatives built their own race cart from scratch and raced to the finish for the ultimate win. What a sight to behold!


Cliff diving

Cliff diving is not easy to organise in Belgium or in our neighboring countries. But in France, for example, Red Bull divers jumped off the Eiffel Tower! In Panama’s home country Belgium, the jumping daredevils leaped off a large and high boat lift. Danger? That’s our middle name!

The tour of Flanders

The famous Flemish cycling tour “The Tour of Flanders” was recently modified, with a difficult and rough part of the track being taken out. The infamous “Wall of Geraardsbergen” is an extremely steep hillside and the perfect place for Red Bull to host a thrilling Event. Rally car versus motorbike, which one would make it to the top faster? Panama organized the Event from start to finish, from permits to security and safety. On top of that, our Panamese design stuntmen provided branded constructions wherever needed.

Old-timer race

For the famous cycling race, “The Tour of Flanders”, Red Bull wanted to host an old-timer race on the same cycling track. The complexity of the route, which is about 160 kilometers long, and the huge number of motorbikes that wanted to participate, made for a challenging assignment for Panama. But that has never stopped us from delivering. Our strong and savvy sailors provided a complete package when planning this Event, from highlighting the route to staffing the course. At every difficult point, Panama would provide the safest and most appropriate infrastructure. For an added level of fun, challenges and obstacles were built on the course – a perfect addition representing Panama’s playfulness.

Brand activations and logistics

Although Event Planning is a big and important part of their partnership, Panama also plans and constructs Brand Activations for Red Bull. Any material that is required is stored, placed, and maintained by Panama Logistics as well. For example, Panama placed a Formula 1 race car in front of stores to take pictures with, or as part of a game. A staff member – selected and recruited by Panama, of course – guides visitors through the process.


Red Bull gives Panama the opportunity to travel towards their furthest limits and lets us cross it every time. We are thankful to be able to work with a brand who lets us grow in the most creative way possible.

We are thankful to be able to work with a brand that lets us grow in the most creative way possible.



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