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Unforgettable Events for House of Talents

Employee events as a driver of unity and motivation.

House of Panama


For many years, Belgian HR company House of Talents has relied on Panama’s services and expertise in Event Planning and Event Logistics. And as you may know by now, Panama has a gift for Event Planning and has proven to be a great partner in party-crime!
Let us showcase some of our favorite House of Talents moments and Events.

Nurse of the year

House of Talents outsources staff for various industries or fields, one of them being healthcare. Care Talents, or the in-house division that provides this service, recruits mostly hospital nurses. To highlight all the great work they do, House of Talents and Care Talents organize a yearly award show for Nurse of The Year. Panama plans the Event itself – from catering to location and entertainment – and House of Talents takes on the full internal communication.


Since the Event is not only for their own staff – any hospital or healthcare department can enter – the award show makes for a great opportunity to bring awareness to the company, and it also attracts potential talent to join House of Talents. In the past, it has proven to be a great way of growing the House of Talents database. Talk about a win-win, pun intended.

Hot & wild fest

After a long and difficult pandemic, House of Talents wanted to awaken some spirit with a huge festival Event for its loyal employees. The well-loved locations in Antwerp – Bocadero and the adjacent Waagnatie – were transformed into a true HOT & WILD festival. All 1,200 invitees enjoyed amazing street food, fun entertainment, and of course, a killer lineup: Goose, Viktor Verhulst & Kobe Ilsen, Regi, Camille and Cookies & Cream.

House of Talents

The talented Event Planning team at Panama made the entire party happen by planning every step, from A to Z: concept creation, graphic style, and invitations, as well as the execution of the plans and the programming of all entertainment. Everything was created and provided by our trusted and experienced Panamese sailors.

House of Talents hot stand

To attract new talent, Panama had a great idea of designing and installing a HOT stand: an inviting and attractive stand which can be used for various summits or fairs and decorated with a strong use of light and color. The ambience of the stand would be completed with great music and good food, such as waffles and oysters. House of Talents loved the idea and concept and gave Panama the green light to make it happen.

Kick-off meeting

At the beginning of every year, House of Talents hosts a Kick-Off Event for their entire internal staff.
In the morning, a presentation is given. It’s an opportunity to share the important analytics and figures of the business, and list everything the company has achieved in the previous year. To give a perspective on the future, the goals for the upcoming year are also shared.


During these Kick-Off meetings, House of Talents takes the time to highlight their most valuable players: the employees who have proven themselves to be an enormous asset to the company and their department. The afternoon is when the fun begins, with a team-building Event and a memorable after-party in the evening.

At the first edition of this yearly Event, only 20 people were invited. But in recent editions, over 300 employees participated! House of Talents has grown immensely over the years. But of course, with a bigger crowd, a bigger Event is needed. The challenge for Panama lies in finding different locations and concepts suitable for all guests! With our expertise and determination, our Panamese ships and sailors travel all the miles that need to be traveled, time and time again, to make it happen.


House of Talents has grown over the years and introduced Panama to a new world and perspective, that of recruitment. They have given us amazing opportunities and challenges we were eager to accomplish.

With great determination and spirit, Panama has gone the extra mile for House of Talents, which makes us wonder: what’s next?



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