Cordeel Celebrates 85 Years with Two Grand Events

Creating immersive brand experiences for all to see!

Panama builds on the Cordeel-future


Cordeel, a Belgian construction company, celebrated their new headquarters along with their 85-year anniversary: the perfect time for a grand celebration. As experts in the field, the Panamese were called in to plan two separate Events – one for staff and employees, and one for their loyal customers.
Let’s go!


Opening of the new Cordeel building, CIRCO


Cordeel had an extensive vision for celebrating their new company building by hosting a memorable Event with spectacular entertainment and amazing food and drinks, coming together in a breathtaking location and set-up. Panama was challenged to provide an atmospheric storyline throughout the Event, with respect for Cordeel and its identity.


Challenge accepted, of course, as Panama created an Event called “CIRCO”, where the four seasons of Cordeel provided the main theme. Like nature, a business or company grows through different seasons or cycles of change and rebirth: times of prosperity, renewal, strength, and connection.


The celebration was spread over two separate Events, one for the employees and one for the company’s loyal customers. The overall theme was kept the same for each edition. Upon arrival, guests were invited to hop on board a small train which brought them to the spectacular new head office: an impressive glass building by the water. After a tour of the location, the spectacle began! Visitors were led through an enchanted garden and into a large construction of tents – each tent a different world, with an immersive and captivating atmosphere.

Cordeel dag 2 High Res-7

The first world was set up for the reception, as the enchanted garden was being integrated into the decor. The atmosphere of the second tent was the circus, a hint of what was to come – throughout the entire Event, a Cirque du Soleil spectacle unfolded.

The show took off when the guests were looking for their assigned seats at dinner. A gifted singer mesmerized the guests with her voice as she was lifted up into the air by a magical swing. The oohs and aahs of the audience were not part of the initial plan, but were a great addition.
The spectacular storyline was completed by various impressive and enchanting acts, with the decor and atmosphere contributing to the circus vibe.

Of course, Panama made sure guests were not sent home empty-handed. For Cordeel’s customers, gift bags were provided which included a branded, personalized Moleskine notebook along with some luxury chocolate. For staff members and employees, Cordeel and Panama filled the bag with a memorable photo frame containing a picture that was taken at the Event, for a more personal approach.

Cordeel dag 2 High Res-292 2

Panama has a creativity that knows no limits. When used, it rolls and flows as it reaches for the stars. This beautiful, spectacular Event had us exploring the Panama shores and waters to find the right fit for the client. We would like to thank Cordeel for giving us this amazing opportunity.



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