Partnering with Apple to Bring the Best Sales Representatives to Their Stores

Creating a tech-savvy sales experience for Apple!

Panama takes a bite out of the great Apple.

For previous clients, Panama has proven itself to be a great partner in recruitment. For tech-giant Apple, Panama works their magic to provide staffing support for their “shop-in-shops” – or corners in stores where Apple products are sold.


Panama continuously scouts the shores, looking for Apple-minded sales ambassadors, tech-savvy people who love and use Apple vigorously. After extensive sales training, in which they learn how to be successful advisors, the sales ambassadors are assigned to specific stores to offer sales support during busier times.


To amplify the Brand Activation, our talented Panama team provides the new Apple staff with branded outfits and sweaters. A great customer experience in the store gives Apple the boost they need – which of course leaves Panama satisfied.


During the pandemic, Apple challenged the Panamese sailors to help them in supporting their own loyal employees. By sending out packages, virtual talks and sessions were made more fun for employees to follow: from personalized mugs to notebooks or leaflets, and even food and drinks! Panama made sure all Apple employees received a package, whether they lived in Belgium, France, or the Netherlands. The perfect pick-me-up to enjoy during difficult times.


Being a large company, Panama knows and understands the value and meaning people bring to any company or sales experience. From employees in-store to employees at headquarters, people are the heart of everything. Panama was honoured to find the right people and staffing for Apple.



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