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Crafting Success: Navigating the Brew-tiful Event and Sales Partnership with Alken Maes

Great marketing deserves the right logistics partner

A great ship needs the finest beer for its sailors!


At Panama, we want to empower your business by navigating your brand to your customers! We strive to be a smart brand partner par excellence. Alken Maes and its breweries rely on Panama’s expertise as we combine three of our greatest forces and talents: Brand Logistics, Brand Activations and Sales Merchandising.

Brand Logistics

Panama goes above and beyond for its clients! Over the past years, Panama has provided extensive logistical support to Alken Maes. Our services range from warehouse management and event material management, to distribution, delivery, and strategic placement of hospitality-oriented marketing materials. The Panama Logistics team relies upon 8,025 m² of storage space with a capacity of more than 16,000 SKUs. That means unlimited opportunities for our clients! But of course, let’s not forget our team of 18 motivated sailors who make for a smooth operation every time.

Does an Alken Maes bar need a terrace umbrella or some permanent or temporary furniture? Panama has it covered! On a yearly basis, our warehouse manages over 2,000 terrace umbrellas for multiple beer brands – Crystal, Alken Maes or Desperados – and sends them out to businesses whenever requested by the Alken Maes sales teams.


Can you imagine shipping out multiple heavyweight umbrellas – that are over two meters tall, might we add? It takes a dedicated and experienced team, an adapted logistics fleet and efficient route-planning skills! And the task does not end with shipment: upon their return, any temporary event material, such as chairs or tables, is cleaned and repaired when needed. Ready for the next adventure!


Brand Activations

Brand Activations are all about bringing people and brands together through unique experiences and the right brand visibility. For Alken Maes Breweries, we want to bring the brand closer to their existing and potential customers through extensive in- and out-of-store visibility.


Bars, cafés, and restaurants are where people get together. They are the places where people celebrate, where they meet, have fun, and interact! What better place to expose them to Alken Maes?

Let us inspire you with some of the unique and one-of-a-kind merchandising we designed, produced, and placed for Alken Maes, so you can discover our Panamese know-how and understanding. It’s all about the experience!

Alken Maes darts

The game of darts holds a special place in the heart of every café. That’s why Panama designed a custom-made, branded dartboard for Alken Maes. On top of the design and execution, the team at Panama also handled the sourcing and placement of the boards. For storage, our warehouse provided a solid solution.

Crystal light sign and Desperados disco bottle

Lighting and lighting effects bring a warm and dynamic atmosphere to any room or environment. For Crystal, the Panama Design Team created and sourced a unique light sign: the letter “C”, melded in metal and glass, topped with bright lights.

For Alken Maes’ brand Desperados, Panama created a different take on the classic disco ball: a Desperados disco bottle!

These two exclusive additions were installed by the experienced logistics team at Panama – quite a logistical challenge, as every café required a detailed and custom approach.

Crystal bar and tables

To bring people together and have them sit in a new (and branded) way, Panama created custom-made wooden bar tables for Crystal. The wooden finish of the furniture brings a new authenticity. A creative and visual way to place Crystal in the spotlight!


For Panama, providing Alken Maes with the right Brand Activation is all about developing a unique experience with the brand and creating new admirers and fans.

Sales Merchandising

Panama provides Alken Maes with true visibility drives towards businesses: cafés, restaurants, or beverage distributors. From stickers to beach flags, you name it! Everything is created and designed by the Panamese design geniuses, and later placed by our merchandisers.


Big thanks to the Alken Maes Breweries team for the continuing partnership and for giving us the opportunity to navigate your brands to your customers, in a unique and successful way.



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