666 reasons to go on a Panama outsourced sales mission

In today’s dynamic business landscape, companies often face the challenge of meeting sales needs that are complex and project based. Hiring a temporary sales teams can be an effective and carefree solution to temporarily support existing sales teams. Not convinced? Let’s discover the Panama and Duvel 666 project and give you at least 3 good reasons ;-).


Reason 1 out of 666 - Selecting the right people

A key factor in the success of Panama Sales Outsourcing is their ability to carefully select the right people for each mission. With over two decades of experience in sales, recruitment, and training, Panama Sales Outsourcing is a true expert when it comes to building and maintaining dedicated sales teams across various channels, including retail, out-of-home, hospitality, DIY, and night shops. For the Duvel 666 project, they sourced an enthusiastic and dynamic team of young individuals who aligned perfectly with the philosophy of Duvel 666. These team members were trained thoroughly by the Panama sales experts and the Duvel marketing & sales team to become well-versed in the goodness of Duvel 666. Off they went passionately spreading the word about the 666 reasons to enjoy a Duvel 666!


Reason 2 out of 666 - Working as partners

Panama Sales Outsourcing goes beyond the traditional client-vendor relationship. They believe in working as true partners with the Duvel 666 marketing and sales team, fostering a constant dialogue to understand the unique needs of the brand and how to best optimize sales efforts. The dedicated Panama sales manager is in constant dialogue with Duvel 666 to optimize KPI’s during drives. And our Panama field sales managers provide ongoing support and training on the road, ensuring that the sales teams are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to excel in their missions. To top it off, Duvel 666 provides small extra incentives for the most successful salespeople, reinforcing their engagement for the brand and the company.

Reason 3 out of 666 - Logistical Support for our sales

One of the critical aspects of sales success is having strong logistical support which Panama delivers as well. With a vast warehouse spanning over 8000 square meters, branded POS materials can be easily stocked and shipped to wherever they are needed. The over 15 headed Panama logistics crew is in daily contact with the sales teams on the road assuring short lead times. The Duvel 666 project alone saw over 220 pallets of POS materials distributed within a few weeks, showcasing the efficiency of Panama’s logistical capabilities.


So with only 3 reasons we hope to have convinced you dear reader that Panama Sales Outsourcing presents an effective and efficient solution for companies facing complex project-based sales needs. By partnering with them, brands can access dedicated and multi-brand sales teams, handpicked to fit the brand’s philosophy and mission. With extensive experience, ongoing support, and strong logistical capabilities, Panama Sales Outsourcing empowers brands to succeed in the competitive market. So, if you want to take your brand to new heights, consider Panama Sales Outsourcing – where success is built on teamwork, expertise, and passion to EMPOWER your brand!


Oh and by the way, DUVEL 666 does offer you the full 666 reasons to enjoy a DUVEL 666. Go check it out:



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