Recruiting sales people

The search for strong sales personnel is time consuming. Panama recruits on your behalf the talent that you need and that fits best in your company.

You need strong sales people in the fast moving consumer goods sector. But the search for white ravens is time consuming. That is why we select the talent that you need most – and that’s best suited for your company – from our wide network: Temporary employees, permanent colleagues or top professionals who give your business added value. Large candidate pool. A database with more than 6000 candidates, strong relations with temp agencies, and experience of long standing in recruiting, enable us to attract the ideal staff for your business. Whether as talent supplier or an extension of your HR department, we fulfil both roles with brio.

broad network strengthens Japan Tobacco International

Panama recruits and selects for Japan Tobacco International (JTI) the sales profiles that stock night shops with many tobacco brands.

Additional Information

Preferred partner. Why does JTI opt to work with Panama? We know the fast moving consumer goods sector like the back of our hands. Not only are we in the centre of the network day in and day out, but we also know the peculiarities – and trends – of the market and the customers. That credibility has made us the preferred sourcing partner of JTI for a long time already.

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