Outsourcing sales professionals

Field agents with experience, dedicated or non-dedicated, for short term projects or projects of structural base.

Strong sales people are indispensable when it comes to placing your fast moving consumer goods on the market the right way. Panama provides field sales professionals to measure. We not only recruit, but also see to the briefing, coaching, training and interaction – to support your team only or inclusive of the management, dedicated or non-dedicated, for short projects or on a structural basis.

Field agents with experience. When is a field sales agent successful? It’s not only a matter of talent and experience. The click with your company, a thorough briefing, the right equipment, professional coaching and the like also play a role. Panama can attend to all these matters for you. And naturally, we see to extensive feedback on a regular basis through our state-of-the art reporting tools.

Mondelēz snacks in the spotlight the right way

The food company Mondelēz counts on Panama for its sales professionals in some 1,000 points of sale, where they attend to various sales and promotion tasks.

Additional Information

From introduction to reporting. Mondelēz brings snacks to people at various places. Targeted sales and promotion are indispensable for the out-of-home channels, such as petrol stations, night shops, chip stands and cafes. Varied sales professionals are engaged through Panama specifically in this channel. They perform many tasks: they introduce new products, conduct promotions, optimise the visibility of Mondelēz products and provide visual merchandising such as stickers and placards. The latter task runs very smoothly, because salesmen can count on the logistic services of Panama Marketing Logistics. They report their KPIs to the customer on a regular basis.

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