Development and installation of POS material, rack jobbing or remodelling: Panama supports you in all your merchandising activities.

The right visibility makes an enormous difference for your sales results. Our in-house graphics team designs visuals for your point of sale that strike the right cord with your target group. And we go a few steps further: we like to put together your merchandising packages and your rack jobbing and remodelling teams. Your brand in the spotlight. Cafés, kiosks, chip stands, hotels or night shops: Panama puts hundreds of brands in the picture in as many points of sale nowadays, with the right marketing materials, but also with suitable professionals – and with the support of Panama Marketing Logistics for your peace of mind concerning storage, distribution, and delivery.

Total solution for Xbox

Panama played a crucial – read comprehensive – role in the appreciated launch of the new Xbox in the Media Markets.

Additional Information

One partner for promo campaign. When the new Xbox saw the light of day, Media Market wanted to extol the virtues of the game console to no end. Panama placed displays and put together attractive merchandising packages. While Panama Marketing Logistics saw to a seamless distribution of the displays, we put the promotion teams together. These various services from a single source ensured a successful and well-oiled promotion campaign for Xbox.

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