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Effectively targeting potential customers? Panama Events can organise your brand activation event. We develop a unique brand experience and create brand lovers.

Effectively targeting potential customers? Often you have only one chance. An event is an excellent channel, but the concept and its implementation must be spot on. Panama Events starts from your target group's interests, and takes charge of concept creation, planning, presentation and execution. Thus we develop a unique brand experience and create brand lovers. Small, large, temporary or permanent. Brand activation is a concept with many facets: launching a new product, blowing new life into an existing product, boosting a temporary campaign … The goal remains the same: stimulating your sales through brand awareness. We do this with unique, high-profile events, based on inventive concepts. Afterwards we report on your return using objective tools.

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"How crazy the ideas might be, Panama makes it work."

Surf's up with the Volkswagen Beetle

Festivals are the place where young people go for experiences. Which is why we created the 'Beetle Wave’ festival stand, where daredevils could venture a ride on a surfboard.

Additional Information

New wave of young fans. The new Volkswagen Beetle is aimed at young people - a fact that will not have escaped many festival goers. The stand looked like a giant wave, in which hung the Beetle. Young people could venture a surfing session on the mobile surf board. Sunglasses as give-aways and colourful photos complete the summery surf image. The results of the festival summer show that the concept caught on tremendously. The intended coverage was exceeded by far. Armed with this data, Volkswagen then started work on follow-up campaigns.

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