Exhibitions & Stands

How to stand out from the crowd at exhibitions and rows and rows of stands? Panama Events organises your exhibition or stand, from creative idea to unforgettable implementation.

Exhibitions and business stands galore. How to stand out from the crowd? And how to translate your corporate identity into an original exhibition or stand concept? Panama Events handles this time-consuming work for you: from creative idea to unforgettable reality. Small, large, temporary or permanent. The common thread with Panama Events? An original stand that makes the difference. You choose how much of the work we take over from you: we can simply provide a fresh concept, organise a complete exhibition - or anything in between. You can also count on us for other stands such as permanent installations or temporary pop-up stores.

jaguar/landrover pop up store

"'Cool, looks great! - Very well done'"

Funfair at the General Motors exhibition

The GM Gets Together fair brought together General Motors dealers and suppliers. Panama Events developed a sparkling total concept, with funfair as theme.

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Total concept for a total experience Merry-go-rounds, bumper cars, shooting gallery, and even the stands with popcorn and candy floss: the entire exhibition was carnival style, down to the last details. And we didn’t forget the uniqueness of the different car brands. The result: General Motors made a classic exhibition visit into an exciting experience.

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