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Organizing a memorable food and drinks tasting event, whether indoors or outdoors, requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here are some key tips & tricks from our Panama Brand Activation Experts to you:

  1. TASTE EXPERIENCE – if you have a novelty, try to select a diverse range of tastes to cater to different tastes and preferences. Create a story with your product and do not just bring a tasting but a true brand experience appealing to all senses. One example is bringing exciting tasting experiences by incorporating pairing suggestions or themes. For example, pair wines with complementary cheeses or chocolates, or host themed events like a regional cuisine showcase. This adds an extra layer of interest and educates attendees about flavor combinations.
  2. SET UP – consider the location and layout carefully; provide ample seating, shade, and protection from the elements for outdoor events, and ensure a comfortable and inviting ambiance indoors. Ambiance can be created by using colors, green, lightning and music in line with the brand identity. The specialty of our inhouse Panama graphic design team!
  3. PEOPLE – engage knowledgeable staff or brand ambassadors who can educate and interact with attendees, sharing insights about the products being sampled. At Panama selecting, training and briefing activation teams is a core business. Don’t just let anyone represent your brand and product.
  4. INTERACTIVE – add interactive elements to your tastings. Consider hosting cooking or mixology demonstrations or involve attendees in blind taste tests to challenge their palates. These activities keep the activation dynamic and educational.
  5. RESPONSIBLE – we want to be mindful of environmental impact. Use eco-friendly serving materials, encourage recycling, and minimize single-use plastics. Additionally, promote responsible alcohol consumption by providing alternatives like water and arranging for transportation options.

By incorporating these additional tips into your planning, you can elevate your food and drinks tastings and ensure a memorable experience for your attendees.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to see how we can implement this for your brand at

Leroy Breweries Hommelbier Tasting

Brand Activations - Degustation

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Brand Activations - Degustation

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Brand Activations - Degustation

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Brand Activations - Degustation

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Brand Activations - Degustation

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Brand Activations - Degustation

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Brand Activations - Degustation

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Brand Activations - Degustation

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